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Circular planter with ivy December 2012

Steel planters are the best for Christmas

Steel planters and pots are a must at this time of year. Any other material simply isn’t going to provide the benefits of our zinc galvanized steel planters. Terracotta will crack no matter how much you’ve paid for it. It’s porous and will absorb water, which in turn freezes and expands, cracking the pot.

traditional fireguard November 2012

A fireguard for life

Fireguards are an essential addition for stoves and fires that are exposed to small children or animals. However, most fireguards for sale today fail to do the most basic job intended of them as many are folding fireguards, rendering them useless and far too flimsy to be called a guard.

Entrance way door canopy bath hotel October 2012

Door canopy for Bath hotel

Door canopies are an ideal solution for keeping the doorway dry as well as giving the front door more status. The Villa Magdala in Bath has recently undergone a major refurbishment and Amanda Willmott, the new owner, chose a door canopy, several window boxes and matching aged zinc planters from our range of products to enhance the front of the hotel.

lattice window boxes September 2012

Window box planting tips

All window boxes need to be filled with plants that thrive in each particular environment. For example, a sunny, south facing aspect is ideal for drought tolerant plants such as lavender and most herbs. North facing sills would benefit from some splashes of colour in the summer months with favourite annuals such as Pelargoniums and Busy Lizzies.

news rabbit proof wirework August 2012

Rabbit proof wirework

Our metal trellis panels have diamond latticework that will keep out all but the youngest rabbits and certainly any larger visitors such as deer & sheep (if you happen to live in their vicinity). It’s always good to know that your crops and tender garden plants are safe from unwanted visitors.

news a summer garden July 2012

A Summer Garden

Now’s the time to enjoy your garden; all the planting’s been done and any weeds that were going to grow have either been destroyed in Spring or are now flourishing, just like the sea of teasels in our vegetable patch! Teasels are a great source of food for birds during the autumn and winter, so we’ll sit back and enjoy them.

news wirework lattice canopies June 2012

Wirework lattice canopies

Don’t get strangled by the Triffids round your doorway this summer, help is at hand! Our wirework lattice canopies are the ideal solution to lift and support the most energetic climbing plants. The ideal choice for a front door canopy would be the Roman Door Canopy shown…

lattice window boxes May 2012

Window box magic

Window boxes are the ideal way to create instant mini gardens. Our Georgian window boxes are the ideal choice for a long lasting, durable solution for any window display. Fill them with your favourite pots and plants such as these Busy Lizzies.

news make an entrance April 2012

Make an entrance…

If your doorway needs a boost and protection from the elements, why not invest in a new door canopy or porch with matching wall panels? The made to measure porch shown was made for one of our customers last year to protect their new door.

news garden arch and trellis season March 2012

Garden arch & trellis season

Spring is almost here, and what better time to start thinking about the design, planting and structure of your garden? A garden arch together with garden trellis and wall top trellis help to provide height, structure and privacy as well as plant support.

news door canopy magic February 2012

Door canopy magic

February is not an ideal month to spend pottering in your garden or sprucing up your external paintwork. However, it’s an ideal opportunity to install a door canopy or porch canopy over your doorway to keep you dry and stop the rain running down your front door.

Lead Door Canopy and Wall Trellis January 2012

Door canopy season

The New Year’s arrived with a vengeance with gale force winds and torrential rain across the UK. There’s no better time to protect you and your doorway, as well as making the most of our January 20% off Scoop canopy sale.



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