Bespoke Fireguards

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If our standard range of fireguard sizes don’t fit round your stove, we can create custom sized Traditional or Contemporary guards to suit.

Many homes will not have the traditional fireplace as a focal point, but will have a stand alone stove set on a more contemporary hearth such as glass or slate. This relatively recent development creates a great opportunity to personalize the stove area in a contemporary setting but brings the entire stove into the room. Having a stove exposed in this way increases the risk of falling against it, or children and pets not realising the harm a fiercely hot stove can cause.

Our Traditional and Contemporary Fireguards for stoves can be made to measure so that your stove is protected along both sides as well as the front. We can also create a top lid so that objects or pets can’t reach the stove from above. We still have several months of cold weather ahead of us, so a fireguard this month would be well worthwhile.

For any more information or to receive a quotation for a made to measure stove, please call us on 01225 851577 or email


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