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Very large black painted metal door canopy in a contemporary look

With all this February wind and rain, there’s no better time to invest in a front door canopy, whatever the size.

This beautiful property belongs to one of our lovely customers in Virginia, USA and we were delighted when they chose one of our 8’ wide Black painted door canopies to grace their front door. The canopy is substantial enough to stop the rain from dripping down onto anyone standing underneath it and it also looks wonderful..! Check out the Gallery page for more images of the façade to understand the scale of the canopy in relation to the house.

Customers often ask us if the canopy makes a noise when it rains….good question, but no, it doesn’t. The canopy is made from solid steel sheets, each one skillfully welded within a discreet framework to create the roof section. The side brackets are also welded to the roof to create a complete, assembled canopy ready to be hot dip zinc galvanized before being aged or painted. We also include the fixings so that you can complete the installation as soon as you receive it. You may need to run a bead of sealant along the top edge to stop any rainwater running down between any uneven wall gaps or mortar joints, but once done, your canopy is ready to provide the shelter and elegant addition to your home.

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