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May is the month to fit your trellis panels to your house wall or use as privacy panels between you and your lovely neighbours.

Safe in the knowledge that you’ve solved your wall trellis panels conundrum – which style, material, size and finish to buy (well ours of course), it’s time to go to your local garden centre to source a suitable climbing or twining plant. Better still, why not visit the numerous open gardens or specialist plant sales that are now selling their own grown plants and are usually manned by passionate gardeners who’ll be delighted to advise which plant is suitable.

The diamond pattern trellis in the image is of our Wall Top Panels and Posts finished in the Light Bark paint. Roses don’t twine, so need careful tying to the handwoven mesh to help create a neat pattern of branch, leaf and stem to cover  any gaps in the seasonal ‘hedge’.

For any more information regarding our trellis panels or what plants to grow on them, please get in touch on 01225 851577 or email


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