English wirework & ironwork

Door canopies, Porches, Planters  Trellis, Window Boxes & Fireguards

Garden Requisites is an award winning British manufacturer based in Bath, England. We make iron porches, door canopies, window boxes, trellis panels, arches, planters and fireguards.

All products are designed and made by us using a combination of high quality zinc galvanized steel and highly skilled craftsmen. For bespoke door canopies designs please just get in touch.

Zinc galvanized porch with wirework sides

A Porch for Winter

A British made zinc galvanized porch will keep you and your doorway dry this winter, made specially for you in our workshops in Bath, Somerset.


Lead Door Canopy and Wall Trellis

Made in Britain

We take pride in being ‘Made in Britain’. Buy direct from a British manufacturer who produces limited batches and bespoke pieces.


Metal door canopy



Not only do we have very satisfied customers across the UK, read what our customers in America and Europe have to say about us.



Fireguards Offer

We have a limited number of Fireguards in stock. If you’d like to take advantage of this at the end of the season, please get in touch.



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