Easter Garden Planning

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Detail of diamond metal wall trellis panel with pink roses in UK garden

Planning for Garden Trellis Panels

April is the ideal time to start planting climbing plants such as sweet peas beside one of our galvanized trellis panels. Sweet peas are great for early flowering and are one of the nation’s favourite flowering plants with their gorgeous high scent, climbing ability and lovely flower stems they are a must for any garden. Our trellis panels are available in Plain Galvanized Finish, Aged Galvanized Finish or Painted Finish (Light Bark or Jet Black). Trellis panels are ideal for small spaces, as climbing plants require very little ground space and along with some screening plants they can provide some much needed privacy for your patio area or garden. Climbers are ideal for adding colour and scent to walls, fences and arches with evergreen varieties providing year-round interest. Deciduous climbers like clematis, honeysuckle and wisteria bloom in the warmer months.

Our standard size panels can also be customised to fit your space. As well as free standing panels with posts we can also create wall top panels or wall mounted panels that attach directly to your wall with tubular spacers.

Spring Planters

A cheerful container of spring bulbs is an easy way to create a splash of colour in your garden as it starts to wake up in the first few months of the year. By layering bulbs you will create a planter packed full of colour from different flowers for a real wow factor. How about adding a trellis to one of our planter troughs for a show stopping climber to take hold and give height to your display. Or plant a bay tree in one of our circular planters with some Easter Pasqueflower (the anemone of Passiontide) at the base – ‘pasque’ derives from the word paschal which means ‘of Easter’.

Spring is an opportunity for renewal and rebirth – for planting seeds and plants to nurture and to witness the unending cycle of growth and change. We hope you spend some quality time over Easter making grand plans for your gardens and do contact us with any ideas and questions you might have. Now where to hide those Easter eggs…

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