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Trellis Panels & Posts

Use our fence trellis panels and posts to create a robust yet elegant framework for your climbing plants and to enclose or divide different areas of your garden. This inter-working system of trellis panels can also be combined with our matching arches and gates.

The superior alternative to wooden trellis or timber fencing, our wirework lattice panels are corrosion-resistant, allowing your plants to remain undisturbed for years. Highly adaptable, choose from our standard range below, or call us for bespoke sizes and designs.

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Range of trellis panels & posts

Choose from our range of wirework trellis panels & posts to create your own scheme.

Straight trellis panels

18″ Straight Trellis Panels

Small H3’5″x W18″ (104 x 46cm)
TR001 Galvanized £110
TR001 Painted £130
TR001 Aged £145
Medium H4’6″x W18″ (137 x 46cm)
TR002 Galvanized £120
TR002 Painted £145
TR002 Aged £160
Large H5’7″x W18″ (170 x 46cm)
TR003 Galvanized £130
TR003 Painted £160
TR003 Aged £175

3′ Straight Trellis Panels

Small H3’5″ x W3′ (104 x 91cm)
TR004 Galvanized £125
TR004 Painted £150
TR004 Aged £165
Medium H4’6″ x W3′ (137 x 91cm)
TR005 Galvanized £145
TR005 Painted £175
TR005 Aged £195
Large H5’7″ x W3′ (170 x 91cm)
TR006 Galvanized £165
TR006 Painted £195
TR006 Aged £225
3ft drop trellis panels

18″ Drop Curve Trellis Panels

Medium H4’6″ x W18″ (137 x 46cm)
TR201 left Galvanized £130
TR201 left Painted £150
TR201 left Aged £165
TR202 right Galvanized £130
TR202 right Painted £150
TR202 right Aged £165


Large H5’7″ x W18″ (170 x 46cm)
TR203 left Galvanized £145
TR203 left Painted £170
TR203 left Aged £185
TR204 right Galvanized £145
TR204 right Painted £170
TR204 right Aged £185

3′ Drop Curve Trellis Panels

Medium H4’6″ x W3′ (137 x 91cm)
TR205 left Galvanized £160
TR205 left Painted £185
TR205 left Aged £210
TR206 right Galvanized £160
TR206 right Painted £185
TR206 right Aged £210


Large H5’7″ x W3′ (170 x 91cm)
TR207 left Galvanized £185
TR207 left Painted £215
TR207 left Aged £230
TR208 right Galvanized £185
TR208 right Painted £215
TR208 right Aged £230
Profiled trellis panels

18″ Profiled Trellis Panels

H5’7″ x W18″ (170 x 46cm)
TR401 Galvanized £170
TR401 Painted £195
TR401 Aged £225
TR501 Galvanized £170
TR501 Painted £195
TR501 Aged £225
TR007 Galvanized £170
TR007 Painted £195
TR007 Aged £225

3′ Profiled Trellis Panels

H5’7″ x W3′ (170 x 91cm)
Raised Curve Panel
TR301 Galvanized £195
TR301 Painted £215
TR301 Aged £235
Drop Curve Panel
TR102 Galvanized £195
TR102 Painted £215
TR102 Aged £235
Open Panel
TR601 Galvanized £200
TR601 Painted £245
TR601 Aged £255


Standard 40 x 10mm posts are made in three heights to match the trellis, as boltdown or concrete-in options.

Small H3′ 5″ (104cm)
ST001 Galvanized £40
ST001 Painted £55
ST001 Aged £60
Medium H4′ 6″ (137cm)
ST002 Galvanized £45
ST002 Painted £60
ST002 Aged £65
Large H5′ 7″ (170cm)
ST003 Galvanized £50
ST003 Painted £65
ST003 Aged £70

Wall trellis panels and posts scheme

TR205, TR203, TR102, TR204, TR206.
A run of Drop Curve Panels and Posts.


Product information

Each trellis panel is fixed to a post using the nuts and bolts provided with every post. The flat bar, solid steel posts are designed to be strong yet unobtrusive. The trellis panels are designed to line up next to each other, and each post is designed to be concreted into the ground. Alternatively, if you wish to screen an area on a courtyard or patio, we can make the posts with bolt-down plates for fixing down onto the floor, just call us for more information.

It has been a pleasure to meet and work with you. We’re all delighted with the results, the made to measure trellis panels and posts are the perfect solution.
Deborah Allen Gardens, Bath


All of our materials are sourced from British suppliers. We use solid steel to manufacture every product in our ranges. Once the product has been made, it is hot dip zinc galvanized to a recognised British Standard EN ISO 1461 to form a corrosion resistant finish.

Measuring advice

When working out what panels and posts you might need for a scheme, the dimensions shown on our website and brochure are nominal dimensions. Thickness of post between trellis panels depends on what size panels are being supported; the gap between each panel may vary between 15 and 25mm. Under standard garden conditions, this is fine, but if the dimensions of your site are very specific, please call us as we can make the scheme fit very tight tolerances.


Every trellis fence panel will need to be fixed to a post or wall for stability. We have two main methods of fixing the panels to the posts: the highly adaptable double bracket that allows panels to sit at any angle off the post, or the discreet ‘D’ lug that’s welded at ninety degrees to the panel edges. The double bracket method is ideal for larger or complex panel schemes, with each bracket clamped onto the panels on-site at any angle using the nuts and bolts supplied. Ensure that the whole scheme is set up level and plumb before finally filling any post holes with concrete.

UK delivery

We can arrange delivery throughout the United Kingdom. We use an independent courier that offer next day delivery. From £24.50, the price will depend on the number of items and weight of your order; we’re happy to provide a quotation prior to placing your order. Once ready, we will contact you to arrange a convenient date for delivery.

For full delivery and payment details, please see our terms and conditions.

International delivery

We can arrange packaging and shipping services worldwide using an independent carrier. The price will depend on the number and weight of packages and final destination. We can provide a quotation prior to placing your order. Once ready, we will contact you to arrange a convenient date for delivery.

For full delivery and payment details please see our terms and conditions.


Every product is made from solid steel and hot dip zinc galvanized to a recognised British Standard EN ISO 1461, to form a corrosion resistant finish. The above range of products is available in the choice of finishes shown below. If you’re in any doubt about the finish to choose, or would like to know more about the zinc galvanizing or paint please get in touch.


Plain Zinc Galvanized

Fresh zinc has a bright silver sheen which gradually weathers to a beautiful matt, light grey finish.


Aged Zinc Galvanized

We reproduce the ageing process by etching the fresh zinc to achieve a darker, weathered patina.


Light Bark

A mellow hue with a hint of green, similar to the bark of a Bay tree. The perfect colour for trellis and arches.


Jet Black

A traditional and timeless choice for porches, canopies and fireguards that works with most properties.

Special finishes

We can also paint our products in colours or paints specified by you.

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