Zinc Plant Troughs

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Three Bespoke Zinc galvanized troughs

We have the perfect sizes and designs of zinc trough to suit your requirements – be it to hold the smallest flowering plants or substantial shrubs.

Made by us near Bath, UK we have a range of steel Square planters, Circular planters or Troughs all handmade by us from hot dip zinc galvanized steel and finished in a very subtle aged zinc galvanized finish – very similar to lead. Dark grey when new, the troughs continue to mellow with time, gradually oxidizing to create a weathered, zinc patina that blends in with the surrounding plants and is a very sympathetic solution for any garden.

Our planters are not to be confused with cheap imports or British made inferior products that are made with thin zinc plated sheet steel which will rust quickly. We are very proud to create planters in the traditional manner that are fully welded before being hot dip zinc galvanized, creating a heavy product that will support the boldest plants, provide plenty of space for the roots and stability for tall plants in exposed settings.


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