Wall Top Trellis

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Metal wall top trellis screen planted with roses

The perfect privacy wirework wall top trellis for your garden or patio wall. Our metal trellis designs can be bespoke to suit your wall.

The summer has arrived and now’s the time to create the tasteful screen between you and your neighbour or simply a practical plant support for your favourite twining plants such as clematis and honeysuckle.

Most garden walls are brick or stone and have flat capping stones along the top; these are ideal for supporting wall top posts that boltdown onto the wall, which in turn support the trellis panels along the wall. If the fence is timber, then the solution will be front fixing posts that are fixed to the timber fence posts at regular intervals.

The trellis panels are available in several designs and finishes and can be made to measure to fit your wall. We can also create bespoke shapes and accommodate sloping walls.


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