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Zinc galvanized steel garden planter with purple flowers

August is a tricky month to keep your garden plants looking good, but there’s no excuse for neglecting your flowering displays in your garden planters. The key to keeping them looking worthy of a Gold award from the Chelsea Flower Show is to ensure that the planter is large enough, that the flowers & shrubs like their location and that you’ve fed and watered them….. Ah yes, feeding and watering them, that’s where most of us fall down, especially in August when some of us are lucky enough to go away for longer than a week (John..). Well, I’m afraid that adequate watering in hot weather is the bare minimum, and they’ll need a full watering can at least every other day, so let’s assume that this is done – either by a kindly neighbour or your garden help. The rest is easy.

Plant ideas for Large Steel Planter and Troughs

I would invest in the largest planter that suits the location, and if necessary, do away with any clusters of small pots that just make the area look messy. Then simply plant a Bay standard in the centre, followed by a generous quantity of seasonal underplanting such as aubretia, busy lizzies or my favourite white geraniums! These will keep flowering all summer long and will be easy to maintain as long as you trim any dead leaves or flowers. Ideally get the plants into the soil/compost mixture early summer to ensure that they flourish throughout August. The soil ought to be a mix of garden soil and shop bought compost – unless you have a good supply of homemade from your compost heap? No me neither, so open the compost bags carefully and mix them up with the garden soil before planting the plugs or small plants into place around the main event. Finally add a top dressing of slow release and dissolve some instant plant food for a quick pick me up.

Blooming Marvellous Display!

Once the displays of flowers are in their prime, keep them trimmed and fed and your job is done. Keep the pots and planters clean with a quick wipe over with a soft damp cloth and always wash off any plant food that may stain the planters or paving slabs. Our hot dip zinc planters and troughs will stay looking good for years and will gradually develop a lovely weathered zinc patina similar to lead. Your green fingers will flourish with your successful displays and in not time, you’ll be planning ahead for winter.

For more information about our planters and troughs, please visit the zinc planters page or call us on 01225 851577


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