Ironwork Porches

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Large wrought iron porch with painted ironwork columns over French doors

We’re often asked whether we can make porches to measure or create bespoke porch canopy designs, and the answer is always yes! Some porches have to accommodate very specific issues such as elaborate fanlights above the door, wall lights close to the lintel or very uneven stonework along the façade. None of these should put you off specifying a porch or door canopy from us as we can resolve almost any issue (including a drainpipe through the porch roof!).

Iron or Wirework Porch Designs

Specifying a new porch can be a little daunting if you’ve not considered this before but we’ve designed and made so many that we can confidently help you decide which design would suit your property, and what finish might work best with the façade and other details design details. The custom porch in the image on the left shows a pair of Ironwork supports with a simple roof – both of which are in a painted finish – the ironwork supports in Black and the roof in Grey. The porch was designed and made to fit in aesthetically with the rest of this beautifully renovated property in Wimbledon. You can see how this customer chose to set the feet onto bespoke stone plinths instead of directly onto the paving slabs – a very tasteful solution. The more eagle eyed will also notice the pair of diamond lattice wall trellis panels set under the porch on either side of the doorway to support the climbing plants.

Zinc Galvanized Steel Porch

All of our products are made by us in Bath from solid steel, which is then hot dip zinc galvanized to create an excellent rust resistant finish. Many ironworkers don’t send their products for hot dip zinc galvanizing and claim that a painted zinc rich paint or primer is just as good….it really is not. You may pay less for their products, but unfortunately they will rust within ten years. Our products are hot dip zinc galvanized to BS/EN 1461 standard and are therefore highly rust resistant for a minimum of 20 years. Some other door canopy manufacturers make porch canopy roofs from thin sheet materials such as zinc or copper, but as these are not structural roof coverings and have to be supported by a steel or timber structure beneath them that by definition aren’t elegant solutions.

For any porch or door canopy information please get in touch on 01225 851577.


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