New Year – New Resolutions – New trellis?!

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Christmas is over and the New Year has begun and sure enough, we can’t open the papers or go online without being bombarded with tips and hints how to de-toxify our bodies or de-clutter our homes to enhance and simplify our lives. So as a distraction, here’s a photograph of the beautiful River Avon taken this morning whilst walking to work.  We can’t promise a new you, but we can help you work out what to do with your outdoor spaces; wirework trellis panels for privacy, large galvanized planters for seasonal planting or window boxes for colourful flowering displays.

Metal Trellis for screening

Now’s the time to gaze out over your estate and decide how to create some privacy around your terrace or patio. If you have neighbours, privacy is most welcome when you’re out enjoying a summer barbecue but it’s too late to do anything about it then – now’s the time to plan it and install the solution. Metal Trellis panels are best fitted just above eyelevel; plant a mixture of evergreen and flowering climbers to provide enough cover to create an effective barrier without building the Great Wall of China or risk offending your neighbours with an instant timber fence (that requires constant maintenance).

Large Zinc Galvanized Planters

If your terrace or garden doesn’t have a planting bed or soil near the boundary, why not choose large steel planters  or troughs in which to grow a sumptuous selection of shrubs, climbers and smaller seasonal plants? If the planters are near the house, keeping the plants fed and watered is so much easier than traipsing down to the bottom of the garden with a watering can or packet of Growmore – good for the heart and muscles but not so good if mobility is an issue. Tall planters allow you to tend the plants without having to bend down to ground level, and make gardening a joy if the knees aren’t what they used to be.

Wirework window boxes

You don’t need a window to fit a window box – just fix it to wall that you can see from inside your home – perhaps on a boundary wall or on the side of your extension. Look out at your spring flowering plants from the comfort of your kitchen or living room and why not hang a bird feeder on it to encourage the birds to visit your garden when food is scarce? If you do have a suitable window that would benefit from a window box, we have a range of four designs that cover traditional through to contemporary and can be made to measure if necessary.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s always worth planning in advance and please get in touch so that we can help you work out what you’re trying to achieve and which products will help you get there. Please call us on 01225 851577 or email Hilary on


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