Fireguards for Log Burners

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A festive decorated fireplace with log burner and a wire work fireguard

Order a Traditional Fireguard now for delivery in time for Christmas; our wirework mesh is the ultimate screen for your woodburning stove.

Our Traditional Fireguard design with small diamond mesh is an authentic and safe solution for your woodburning stove this winter. Your children, grandchildren and pets (or grannie if she’s had one too many sherries at Christmas) will be kept at bay with one of our guards when fixed securely to your wall or fireplace. The diamonds are small and stop little hands or noses pushing through.

Our Contemporary Fireguards are a great solution for stoves that sit proud of your wall and extend into your room, and can be made to measure to suit the dimensions of your stove or hearth.

For more information or to place an order, please call us on 01225 851577 or email us at


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