Bespoke Door Canopies in Steel

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Zinc door canopies over French Doors

How to keep your front door dry from driving rain? Rainwater is always a problem for timber doors causing them to expand and jam.

We don’t make enclosed wooden porches that eventually rot, or plastic framed porches that look cheap and nasty, but we do make high quality door canopies from zinc galvanized steel. Our handmade porches and door canopies stop the rain from running down the front of your doorway onto you and your front step. We also make custom sizes that are made to measure widths or heights to cover French Doors or front doors with glazed panels on the side.

The canopy designs are based on classical British architecture and will suit most properties whether new build homes or ancient cottages. The door canopies (or door awnings as our US friends refer to them) can be finished in standard Black or Grey paint or in our Aged zinc galvanized finish.

For more information or to place an order, please call us on 01225 851577.


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