Contemporary Fireguard for Woodburning Stoves

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Bertie the dog sat next to a log burner with a contemporary bespoke fireguard

Where can you buy good quality fireguards for log burners? We at Garden Requisites specialise in making bespoke fireguards for stoves and log burners.

As you can see, little Bertie looks very happy in front of one of our bespoke Contemporary Fireguards, safe in the knowledge that should he try to get too close to his very tasteful but searingly hot stove, he’ll be prevented from doing so.

Dogs, cats and children are all very vulnerable when exposed to burning hot stoves, log burners or open fires. Placing a good quality, sturdy fireguard around the stove (not a folding variety as they’re not fit for purpose) ensures no-one can get too close with potentially dire consequences.

For more information or to place an order, please call our office on 01225 851577.


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