Door Canopies

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a black painted door canopy above the front door of a house

Don’t get wet standing in front of your door looking for your keys in the pouring rain, buy one of our door canopies.

Is a door canopies a good idea? Will a door canopy keep my door dry? Does a zinc door canopy add value to my property? Yes, yes, and yes – the front of your house is the most important aspect of your property and adding a good quality door canopy (or awning) will enhance the kerb appeal and general appearance of your house.

A well-designed, zinc galvanized steel door canopy not only keeps you dry but also stops too much exposure from the sun and rain. The canopy shown in the image illustrates how our black painted, custom width door canopy sits very well above the painted front door, providing a well proportioned solution for this property.

We can make custom sized door canopies and bespoke designs, just get in touch with our design team on 01225 851577 or email any images of your doorway to


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