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December 2015

Winter Window Boxes

Dress the house, outside and in. Making a few lists? Checking them thrice? We’ve been busy elves, creating Christmas gift orders for a few weeks now, as we need to work a little way in advance and make many of our wirework garden structures to order. As busy as we are, though, we have really

Winter zinc planter November 2015

Hardy highlights in Winter Planters

A garden isn’t just for summer! It’s so tempting to clean your garden tools down at this time of year and squirrel them away until spring but if you have sturdy planters to hand, don’t miss these simple seasonal planting tricks to really lift the hearts of your house (and garden) guests.

Metal-garden-arch-square November 2015

Garden arches & winter structure

How we love earthy, leaf-strewn Autumn at Garden Requisites. Some say that Spring is the classic season for a clear-out but we find, when the weather is wilder outside, November is the time to regroup and re-organise with clear heads, to consider what’s worked, what needs a bit of tweaking and what needs a radical rethink.

October 2015

Smart Doorways with Canopies & Porches

As we scan the skies for Autumn storms, we consider the suitability of this year’s Winter wardrobe. As well as cutting a dash, will we be well enough equipped in the face of roaring sou’westerlies and intermittent freezes beyond? Reaches for a pile of this season’s catalogues, a dark hot chocolate and throws another log on the fire!

Contemporary-Iron-Log-Holders October 2015

Introducing Log Holders for Winter 2015

Moving house to the country? Installing or firing up a wood burner or maybe reviving an old fireplace? It won’t be long then until logs loom large on your Autumn to do list.

traditional-georgian-porch-with-ironwork-sides August 2015

Iron porches to decorate your doorway

Late summer in England heralds handsome gluts of bountiful garden harvests. Home growers are busy prepping fruit and vegetables for what will soon be groaning freezers, bagging seeds and generally having an outdoor clear up in readiness for the more inclement months ahead.

Fireguard for Wood Burning Stove August 2015

Guard your stove safely AND stylishly this winter

Do you covet a cosy hearth and spend the darker months drawn to flickering flames of a revived fireplace or newly installed state-of-the-art wood burning stove? Now’s the time to consider your stove or open fire set-up.

Large Metal Garden Planter July 2015

Plan More Planters into your Garden Designs

Introducing portable planters to a garden or previously barren area presents some exciting planting possibilities. Instant gardens can spring up in boring back yards and border hitherto dull patios. Doorways and other entrances can be enhanced with pretty potted climbers for a warm welcome.

Metal window box July 2015

Create wow factor window boxes

We’ve plucked just a handful of hard working candidates for seasonal window boxes in the UK. Explore the looks on our metal window boxes pinterest board.

chelsea-flower-show-Sean-Murray-Garden-requisites May 2015

Shaun Murray’s Chelsea show garden

It was only last week, whilst glued to ‘possibly’ the greatest garden show on earth that we spied our zinc galvanised canopy in Sean Murray’s show garden on Main Avenue!

Wall-top-Straight-trellis February 2015

Wall top trellis panels

Do you wish your garden had more privacy, yet don’t want it to feel like a fortress? A wall top trellis is a great way to add a decorative element to a plain wall or fence and to create privacy.



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