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Practical and whimsical, arches are an essential addition to your garden. A lattice arch or iron pergola can display a beautiful array of fragrant flowering climbers over a seating area, gate or walkway. You can also combine your metal garden arch with our system of matching and inter-working, maintenance-free lattice panels, gates and posts to define, decorate or screen different areas of your garden. A tunnel arbour is a real statement feature, and our ironwork tunnel arches can be used to create a garden walkway and provide a simple but elegant framework on which to train fruit, foliage and flowers. Our wirework arches are ideal for supporting twining plants such as clematis or golden hop.
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Ironwork archesIronwork arches

6ft tunnel archway
6' Tunnel Archway
H 7' 6" x W6' x L15' (230 x 183 x 457cm)
Made from 6' wide arches and 5' long connecting rods, all bolted together on site.

TA104 from £1,950

A classic, timeless design to cover long or short distances, creating an arched walkway in any garden. The sturdy, welded, solid steel arches will support the heaviest flowering plants such as roses or wisteria, as well as fruit trees trained over and along the arch structure into cordons or espaliers.
6ft ironwork garden arch
6' Ironwork Arch
H7' 6" x W 6' x D 24" (230 x 183 x 61cm)
A heavy duty arch, made in two halves, bolted together on site.

AR504 from £695

A robust, fully welded garden arch to support the heaviest of plants. The Roman arch design is a classic style, and is made in two halves. The basic design can be modified to suit your garden, and the finishes range from plain zinc galvanized through to aged zinc or painted options.

Wirework archesWirework arches

wirework garden arch
Our lattice wirework garden arches are available in a variety of arch designs and sizes, including a garden arch with single or double gate, and a wide garden arch to cover a larger path or garden bench. A metal garden arch made from zinc galvanized steel is highly rust resistant and will not need to be replaced like rotting wooden arches, so your plants can climb and bloom happily for many years to come. The wirework arch range is also available with matching arch side panels to create an interesting profile and provide additional garden screening where necessary. The arches are made in two halves and have integral 15" long legs to push or concrete into the ground. All heights specified are above ground.
garden arch with roses lattice garden arch

A range of wirework arches and side panelsA range of wirework arches and side panels

Choose from our range of wirework arches and panels & posts to create your own scheme.
gothic and roman garden arches
Gothic Arches
Small Arch H7' x W3' x D12"
(213 x 91 x 30cm)
AR001 Galvanized
AR001 Painted
AR001 Aged

Medium Arch H7' x W3' x D18"
(213 x 91 x 46cm)
AR002 Galvanized
AR002 Painted
AR002 Aged

Large Arch H7' x W3' x D24"
(213 x 91 x 61cm)
AR003 Galvanized
AR003 Painted
AR003 Aged
Roman Arches
Small Arch H6'6"x W3' x D12"
(200 x 91 x 30cm)
AR101 Galvanized
AR101 Painted
AR101 Aged

Medium Arch H7' x W4' x D18"
(213 x 122 x 46cm)
AR102 Galvanized
AR102 Painted
AR102 Aged

Large Arch H7' x W4' x D24"
(213 x 122 x 61cm)
AR103 Galvanized
AR103 Painted
AR103 Aged
5' Roman Arch
Medium Arch H7' x W5' x D18"
(213 x 152 x 46cm)
AR104 Galvanized
AR104 Painted
AR104 Aged

Large Arch H7' x W5' x D24"
(213 x 152 x 61cm)
AR107 Galvanized
AR107 Painted
AR107 Aged
6' Roman Arch
Medium Arch H7'6" x W6' x D18"
(230 x 183 x 46cm)
AR105 Galvanized
AR105 Painted
AR105 Aged

7' Roman Arch
Large Arch H7'6" x W7' x D24"
(230 x 213 x 61cm)
AR109 Galvanized
AR109 Painted
AR109 Aged
a range of side panels for garden arches
18" arch side panels
4'6" high wirework trellis panels
with 15" legs.
AR301 left Galvanised
AR301 left Painted
AR301 left Aged
AR302 right Galvanised
AR302 right Painted
AR302 right Aged
24" arch side panels
4'6" high wirework trellis panels
with 15" legs.
AR303 left Galvanised
AR303 left Painted
AR303 left Aged
AR304 right Galvanised
AR304 right Painted
AR304 right Aged
36" arch side panels
4'6" high wirework trellis panels
with 15" legs.
TR205 left Galvanised
TR205 left Painted
TR205 left Aged
TR206 right Galvanised
TR206 right Painted
TR206 right Aged


single and double garden arch gates
Single Gate
H4'6"x W2' 9" (137 x 84cm)
A Single Gate sits within the 3' wide
Gothic Arch and 18" Arch Side Panels.
GT001 Galvanized
GT001 Painted
GT001 Aged
Double Gate
H4'6"x W3' 9" (137 x 114cm)
A pair of Double Gates sits within
the 4' Roman Arch and 3' Arch Side Panels.
GT002 Galvanized
GT002 Painted
GT002 Aged


Made from steel & hot dip zinc galvanized.
Plain Zinc Galvanized finish illustration
Plain Zinc Galvanized
Fresh zinc has a bright silver sheen which gradually weathers to a beautiful matt, light grey finish.
Aged Zinc Galvanized finish illustration
Aged Zinc Galvanized
We reproduce the ageing process by etching the fresh zinc to achieve a darker, weathered patina.
Light Bark finish illustration
Light Bark
A mellow hue with a hint of green, similar to the bark of a Bay tree. The perfect colour for trellis and arches.
Dark Grey finish illustration
Dark Grey
An appropriate colour choice for canopies to complement exterior leadwork or slate.
Jet Black finish illustration
Jet Black
A traditional and timeless choice for porches, canopies and fireguards that works with most properties.

Special finishes
We can also paint our products in colours or paints specified by you.
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