We hope you'll find some inspiration in our gallery of previous work. If you are sourcing the perfect porch canopy, door canopy, garden trellis, garden arch, planter or window box get in touch. We make our products to order in limited production batches or as one-off pieces. All of our designs can be adapted to suit your requirements, so do get in touch if you can't see exactly what you are looking for here.


rogers-porch-d 20140317163149 Porch roses 20140317163027 Wide metal porch Zinc Porch Aged Georgian Porch DSCI0035-Full 20120904095856 porch-2-D 20120831154140 porch-3-D 20120831154201 Porch Patio door porch Large porch design Victorian porch Zinc porch Ironwork Porch Lead porch

Door Canopies

canopy-1-D 20120831154807 canopy-2-D 20120831154841 canopy-3-D 20120831154859 canopy-4-D 20120831154919 Metal Canopy canopy-6-D 20120831155705 Porch roses 20140317162935 canopy-7-D 20120831155728 canopy-8-D 20120831155757 canopy-10-D 20120831155906 Porch canopy Door canopy Door canopy (2) Trellis door canopy Patio door canopy Door canopy (3) Zinc door canopy Wall trellis panels Cottage door canopy Zinc door canopies Wirework door canopy canopy-5-D 20120831155638 window-box-canopy-planters 20120831165603

Window boxes

window-box 20120831143818 window-box-detail-D 20120831144330 window-box-canopy-planters 20120831144743 window-box-flowers 20130705142646 window-box 20130705142552 Window box Window box design Window planter box Window planter box (2) Window box brackets Lattice window box Metal window box

Garden Trellis Panels

wall-trellis-2-D 20120831162040 IMG 3534 D 20120904100516 wall-trellis-3-D 20120831162122 wall-trellis-4-D 20120831162147 wall-trellis-5-D 20120831162211 trellis-2-D 20120831162516 trellis-3-D 20120831162536 trellis-4-D 20120831162652 trellis-5-D 20120831162758 trellis-arch-1-D 20120831162948 trellis-fixing-D 20120831163047 wall-trellis-1-D 20120831163137 Garden trellis Fence trellis Lattice trellis Trellis fencing Fence top Garden trellises Garden trellis (2) Wall trellis (2) Steel trellis Diamond lattice trellis Metal lattice trellis Garden panels Balcony trellis Garden trellises (2) Arch trellis Trellis panels (2) Garden trellis (3) Wall top trellis Wall top panels

Garden Arches

Rose arch Steel garden arch metal garden arch Gothic arch Wide garden arch Garden arch Wirework arch Iron arch (2) Garden arch (2) Wide steel arch Trellis arch Roman arch Garden arch (3) Trellis arch panel DSC00233xx 20120915192644 Garden arch (4) Rose arch (3) Metal arch garden arch garden arch Roman-Arch-&-Panels D 20120914095654


window-box-canopy-planters 20120831165424 Large planter Metal planter Garden planter


Garden gazebo Metal gazebo Steel gazebo Metal obelisk Garden gazebo (2) Hexagonal gazebo


Fireguard and stove Large obelisk Plant trainer Garden arch (5) John Hilary Chelsea Trellis panels gate Woven fire guard Porch roof Lattice panel craftsman in workshop