Zinc Galvanized Porch

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Zinc galvanized traditional porch canopy with wirework sides over front door

Standing in front of your door in the pouring rain looking for your keys isn’t a very romantic take on April showers, so why not invest in an iron porch?

We design and manufacture very high quality zinc porches made in our workshops near Bath, Somerset. We deliver all over the world and can create made to measure sizes and designs to suit your doorway. Our aged zinc galvanized finish looks very much like lead and also weathers in a similar fashion. If your property needs a pared down, authentic design then our Scoop Porches work well for most properties, but especially more modest homes that don’t need heavy duty ironwork or timber and tile solutions that have become ubiquitous across the country. Send over an image of your doorway along with some dimensions and we’ll help you select the most appropriate porch design for your property.


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