Traditional Wirework Rose Arches

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Wire metal trellis arch over front door for supporting plants in UK

Now that Summer is in full swing and the movers and shakers of the plant world are doing their thing, don’t forget to keep them looking their very best. The priority after the obvious watering and feeding will be deadheading. Every rose, clematis or honeysuckle will need constant maintenance to ensure that the three D’s – the dead, diseased and dying – are being attended to. You will be rewarded with a continuous display of new flowers, hopefully perfumed, throughout the Summer and in to Autumn.

Of course, as you have one of our wirework Arches or metal Trellis panels, no maintenance is required for any of our structures as they’re made by us in Bath, Somerset from the very best solid steel and then hot dip zinc galvanized to ensure years of excellent service.

As you can see in the lovely image sent in by one of our customers in Surrey, the arch works very well at the gated entrance to your property as well as over your doorway. What better way to support your climbers than a Grey painted wirework arch – perfectly co-ordinated with the painted windows and shutters.

Environmentally friendly arches and trellis

All of our products are hot dip zinc galvanized to British Standard & EN ISO 1461. This ensures that a minimum thickness of zinc is bonded with the steel to create a surface that will withstand many years of external use. Once the zinc layer begins to corrode – which could take at least 25 years, the product could be dipped in zinc again to make sure it last another 25 years, and on and on we go ad infinitum…no rotting, landfill or incineration for any of our products!

Arches and trellis panels to create privacy

Arches and trellis panels can be used to screen off areas, buildings  or unsightly structures such as oil tanks or next door’s extension…! Panels and posts can be linked together to create garden rooms or divisions to separate a productive garden from the flower garden or courtyard.

We can make to measure to ensure that the heights and profiles of the trellis panels are designed to suit your brief and we’re also happy to recommend appropriate plants to ensure that they fulfil the screening requirements. Trachelospermum Jasminoides is always a favourite – as shown in this month’s Blog image above. The twining plant is evergreen, flowers profusely all summer long with delicate star shaped flowers that smell divine come early evening.

Wildlife friendly arches and trellis

One of the most important considerations is of course wildlife friendly planting and garden design. Our trellis panels allow birds and mice to scamper through them, and hedgehogs can easily dig a simple dip below the panels as they don’t have the kick or gravel boards, unlike timber fencing which would block their paths. Neighbouring, roaming cats have no purchase for their claws into our metal trellis – unlike timber. This might help deter them should you view them as unwelcome guests that might endanger your birds.

Finally, why not suspend a few bird feeding stations from your arch? We can’t promise that the squirrels won’t get to them, but they’re the perfect height for replenishing, and the small garden birds will welcome the shelter from scary bigger birds that the arch provides.

Please get in touch with us should you have any questions or would like to place an order – we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, why not visit us at our showrooms in Batheaston, just three miles out of the centre of Bath on the A4 – the original London Road.

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