Rediscovering the Spring Garden

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Spring is here

Plan, prune, primp and plant

It’s such a treat after the long months of shorter, dark days to channel the colours of fresh flowers, the textures, shapes and hues of green foliage and the flavour of our own homegrown fruits and vegetables. In tandem, we can mentally prepare beds, borders and climbing structures such as long-lasting metal trellis, garden arches and gazebos. We look too to the house and the planning of seasonal window boxes and planters. This year we really love the idea of bringing the garden in with window boxes becoming ‘wall boxes’ in ‘on trend’ conservatories, lounges, kitchens and bathrooms. Take a look at our House Planters & Wall Boxes pinterest board to get a better idea of what and how.

Coming down to earth a little, let’s get back to that list of more practical, janitorial jobs. First things first. Assess the damage and clear the decks!

Having a good tidy up

You’ll feel better about this if the sun is shining so keep an eye on that trusty weather app. Pull on some wellies, grab a mug of some kind of steaming brew and have a watchful wander around your outdoor spaces, covering every square inch – buildings, lawns, borders, patios and perimeters (garden walls and fences).

Amongst the no-doubt numerous little jobs that arise, include the clearing of winter debris from guttering and water butts as well as checking around external doors and garden structures for essential maintenance after winter wind and rain.

This is a good time to cut back seed heads and stalks but it will be beneficial not to go too crazy with dumping all the resulting debris. Leaving some permanent stick and leaf piles for insects and other garden-friendly animals to find shelter will help preserve your own precious wildlife habitat. There may be some pests in there but these mini eco-systems will look after themselves and contribute to the overall health of the garden.

Tend to last year’s containers, top-dressing survivors by digging out a layer of old compost and adding a layer of new. Prepare empty containers by washing and filling with fresh compost.
The final resulting growth will also be spurred on by a liberal application of garden manure in the beds, much easier to spread around ahead of the growing seasons and giving the soil organisms more time to pull the goodness down into the ground.

Now for the twiddly bits!

The foundations of this year’s garden

If planters, troughs, pots and window boxes aren’t yet overflowing with Spring bulbs, plant these up or, if a little late with those, consider protected summer bulb planting. For more ideas, pop over to our inspiring Spring Garden Planters and Summer Planting pinterest boards.

Close the eyes. Imagine walking around the garden in mid Summer, the height and shapes, the possibilities of shaded areas or new focal points, the enrichment of patio and decking areas, new ‘garden rooms’, arches and tunnels. See the colours and foliage work together, envisage textures, breathe in aromas.  As all these good imaginings come together, jot them down and devise your plan of attack.

Seasonal savings

Good news. It so happens that this is an especially good time to seek out long-lasting garden structure accoutrements. We currently have some spring special offers on all our standard metal garden trellis panels, posts and garden arches. As always, we’re really happy to advise on on installation methods and bespoke sizing.

Well we’re properly fired up for the impending gardening year. We do hope we’ve inspired you to venture out to seek signs of life and re-awaken your sense of the garden to come.

Cue sunlight, trellis, arches, action!

Hilary & John

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