Great British Summertime Window Boxes and Planters

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Grey window box

As the sporting highlight of British Summertime, Wimbledon for us marks the heralding of the summer season. Strawberries, cream, Pimms… anyone? An essential occasion, as familiar to us Brits as ice cream on the beach or barbecues in the rain. As we will all be making the most of our gardens – whether large or small – this season what better time to think about planting than in the peak growing season.

What to grow in Window Boxes

Our galvanized window boxes lend themselves well to growing herbs and vegetables such as borage or cucumbers, perfect for helping yourself from the kitchen window sill whilst preparing a refreshing and quintessentially British glass of Pimms! Always ensure your soil is deep enough to accommodate the roots of window box plants and keep them well watered with the occasional addition of fertiliser or well-rotted manure if you’re aiming for an organic yield. Herbs will thrive in window boxes as they often prefer drier soil. Ideal plant companions could be tomatoes with basil, lettuce with herbs or spinach with chard. When choosing tomato plants for a window box, opt for trailing, bush varieties that will cascade over the sides. Really ‘wow’ summer window boxes need to be well-considered. The window box itself must be super strong, long lasting, like our galvanized steel designs, and very safely fixed but it can also be sympathetic in design to the architecture around it, effectively enhancing a building rather than acting as an apparently just ‘stuck-on’ feature. Our galvanized steel window boxes can be made to measure depending on the size of your window sill and the plants you’re intending to grow.

Wimbledon-inspired Strawberry Planters

Speaking of Wimbledon, our galvanized planters make excellent receptacles for growing your own strawberry plants in your garden or on a terrace. Traditionally strawberry plants are sown in rows directly in garden soil, but strawberries are so versatile they really will grow anywhere with enough sun, shelter and fertile, well-drained soil. Avoid windy sites, which will prevent pollinating insects from reaching the flowers. When planting ensure that you dig a hole large enough to accommodate the roots. Trim the roots lightly to 10cm if necessary, then spread them out in the hole. Ensure that the base of the crown rests lightly on the surface before firming in gently. Planting at the correct depth is important: if the crown is planted too deeply it will rot; if it is planted too shallowly the plants will dry out and die. Water frequently while new plants are establishing. As fruits start to develop, tuck straw or fibre mats underneath plants to keep fruit clean. This will also help suppress weeds. Choose a mix of strawberry varieties to avoid a glut of fruit early on and to ensure that you’ll be reaping the benefits throughout summer.

And lastly… now that you fancy a Pimms to settle in to watch the array of British sporting prowess, here is the recipe:

Slices of: orange, lemon, strawberries, cucumber
Fresh borage or mint
200ml Pimm’s No 1 Cup
600ml Lemonade

1. Half fill a serving jug with ice, add the fruit, cucumber and borage (or mint) then pour over the Pimm’s.

2. Just before serving, top up with the lemonade, stir and serve in tall highball glasses.


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