Festive Fireguards

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A mesh fireguard around a log burning stove in a fireplace

Wood burning stoves and open fires pose obvious danger when burning brightly, so why not invest in a traditional wirework fireguard this winter? We make four standard sizes to suit most fireplaces, but can make the fireguard any custom size to fit around your stove or fireplace. Bespoke designs are also an option as we can adapt any design to cater from any idiosyncrasies around the heat source.

The small diamond mesh prevents small hands or noses poking through, however the guards should always be fixed to the fireplace or back wall ensuring that they can’t be pushed or pulled away. Obviously, the lit stove or fire should never be left unguarded whilst small children, the vulnerable or pets are in the room.

Finally, at this time of year, never hang your stocking on the fireguard as Father Christmas certainly wouldn’t approve (elf and safety…)

We at Garden Requisites thank you for your support this year and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.


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