Feline Friendly Fireguards

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Decorative mesh fireguard in front of a stove in a fireplace and cat

With respect to all dogs out there, our feline friends know a thing or two about the fine art of lying on a rug in front of an open fire or stove!  This lovely image from one of our customers shows just how fascinated her cat was once the stove was lit. The glow and heat from the fire was safely filtered through our Traditional Fireguard and ensured that Cathryn’s beautiful cat was kept a safe distance from it, even though she’s clearly transfixed by the flames!

Woodburning Stove Safety

Many of us are investing in woodburning stoves for good reason – they are very efficient, any sparks from the timber logs are kept safely within the stove and they look absolutely fabulous! Not to mention providing the opportunity to keep your teapot or mug of coffee warm on the top of the stove. However, the obvious problem with any naked heat source in the home is the exposure to children, unsteady adults (yes you Brian..) and animals. This danger is ever present and it only takes one slip or jump onto a burning hot stove to sustain a very serious burn. Our stable, heavy duty Traditional or Contemporary Fireguards provide a safe solution assuming that they’re fixed in place against a fireplace, back wall or chimney breast. We can also supply optional wall fixings for this purpose.

Fireguard Festive Cheer

It won’t be long before Father Christmas begins his annual visits to all and sundry and we all know how dangerous it can be if he slips all the way down the chimney and doesn’t have a guard to stop him careering into the middle of the room, dragging soot and feathers in his wake all along the new carpet! So for no other reason, it would be so wise to invest in one of our authentic nursery fireguards to ensure the safety of all, including Father Christmas, and of course to keep the elves in gainful employment..

For more information about our handmade fireguards for stoves, please call us on 01225 851577 or email us at info@garden-requisites.co.uk


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