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Zinc Iron Porch December 2017

Festive ironwork porches

Season’s greetings, all! Throughout the land, inside halls, outside walls, trees, and firesides are being festooned with strings and strings of bright decoration and a twinkling tornado of Christmas cheer. There are some that embrace ‘Christmas every day, all year through’, there are those that rummage in the attic as soon as October’s in, through

Steel door canopy November 2017

Stylish door canopies for diverse doorways

Door protection and kerb appeal We’ve all been there – standing at the front door in the rain, rummaging for elusive keys at the bottom of a brimming bag. Might it have taken the edge off a little if that standing space was dry and sheltered and there was then no need to towel dry

Bespoke fireguard with stove October 2017

Winter Firesides and Lagom, the new Hygge

With the first frosts landing so late in the UK this year, many may have been lulled into wondering that wintry winds and the wearing of more substantial, wool-themed layers, might never come. Intermittent chillier days are kicking in, though, and, as our mild autumn comes to a close and the days shorten, logs are

September 2017

Protect and Adorn Autumn Doorways

Storm Aileen, the first of our UK Autumn storms, swept through the West country last night. If anything’s a sign that the season’s truly turned, that tempest is. On the bright side, we are still feeling the benefit of warm, sunny intervals, opportune breaks to make ready the garden, house and home for more marauding

Large Metal Planter August 2017

Plan a Summer Planting Finale

British summer garden seasons are akin to orchestral oeuvres. The first movement starts gently and quietly in early spring, rapidly bursting into a cacophony of bright flowers and zingy foliage come May. What follows are waves of thousands of species of plants playing their pieces in countless symphonies then subsiding. August and early September is

Garden Arch Large Bespoke July 2017

British Summertime

Bees buzz in the Lavender, Swallows swoop in and out of eaves and the ice gently clinks in G&T’s. July is here and with it a riot of flower fireworks bursting in British gardens across the land. Great British summer events Through open windows, the soothing whack of rackets against balls can be heard as

Garden Arch with Roses June 2017

Rose Garden Arch Romance

For heritage garden lovers, roses surely top the list for summer wow factor. This beautifully versa-tile historical plant is an absolute must for the traditional English garden look, whether for a busy, brimming cottage garden or a finer, more formal garden design. Take a tour of the rose garden with us…Shrub roses in all sizes

Metal window box May 2017

Window Boxes for Town and City

May is here and we have Chelsea Flower Show in our sights. At the end of this month, whether it’s via daily broadcasts, or visiting in person, national and global garden fans will happily home in on this very special showcase of the latest garden genres and planting projects. As it does at Garden Requisites,

April 2017

Planters and Screening in Garden Spaces

Portable floral and foliage screening is such a neat solution for portioning various areas in gardens, on patios, in large conservatories or even on pavements. Reassuringly solid metal troughs and planters with built-in trellis have been a popular addition to the Garden Requisites well-crafted, galvanised steel range of square and circular planters. This month is the

Garden Requisites Showroom March 2017

New Premises and Spring re-boot.

We’ve moved! After ten years at the Forge, the Garden Requisites showroom has recently moved, not too far and still in Batheaston, into lovely larger premises just across the road. The last ten years have been busy and transformational as Hilary and John, together with a steadily expanding team, have successfully grown our unique British

Metal planters February 2017

Stylish Garden Planters – Plant Summer Bulbs Now

Not sure about summer bulbs – when to plant and what? Reap the rewards of planning and planting planters with bulbous plants ahead of the season to come. Do you, like us, breathe deeply the first aromas of spring air whilst looking wistfully back towards autumn thinking ‘If I’d planted up some bulbs when I

4'-door-canopy January 2017

Re-focus Facades with Handcrafted Door Canopies

Scoop up a New Year Door Canopy Offer As we have a free UK delivery offer on 4’ door canopies this month (January 2017), we thought it would be really helpful to elaborate on some of the wonderful heritage properties our canopies adorn. This should help you to imagine the smart effect available for any



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