Bespoke Stove Guard

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A bespoke made wire work fireguard place around a wood burning stove.

With dark winter months looming, thoughts turn to stocking up on seasoned logs, cleaning the chimney and buying marshmallows in readiness for lighting the woodburning stove. To keep your family (and new puppy?) safe, don’t forget the guard for the stove. We have a range of standard sizes available but also specialize in made to measure designs.

How to measure for a guard for your woodburning stove? Many woodburning stoves don’t sit on a traditional hearth within a fireplace – just like our stove in the photograph – many stoves today are simply located next to a wall and sit on a hearth. As the stoves become an integral part of the room, just like a piece of furniture, a guard is essential to create a boundary between the day to day activities of the family and the burning heat radiating from the stove.

We make everything to order, so now’s the time to call us to discuss the details and place your order. We can help you decide which design and size would work best for your stove.

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